We offer a full range of services that
drive continuous administrative
process improvements.

These days, companies want a lot more out of an audit than reports and numbers. So, we’ve redefined what it means to be a benefits plan auditor. We audit, analyze, and help our clients solve problems common to today’s complex plan administration models.

Our starting point is the industry’s most advanced audit. Our proprietary audit technology delivers the highest possible ROI by pinpointing all error types to an unmatched level of detail.

  • Conduct a rigorous audit process to identify all areas that need improvement
  • Validate our findings with your administrator in a formal on-site review
  • Identify, quantify, and capture recoverable overpayment dollars
  • Assess, quantify, and prioritize needed improvements in your benefit plan administration
  • Help ensure successful implementation of the needed process improvements


We also help our clients capture significant value after the audit, through an end-to-end process we’ve been honing since day one. More specifically, we can help you…

Learn what actions can be taken to prevent errors
in the future and how best to implement them, e.g.

Process improvement, 
such as processor training, 
system enhancement
Plan benefit compliance; 
for example, prevent payment 
of non-covered services
Recover payments
made in error,
which puts actual
dollars back into
the plan
Meet ERISA and
fiduciary requirementswwd_button

We have direct contact with clients and administrators ensuring approachability and personalized services.

Our clients tell us they especially appreciate our personalized service. We make every effort to eliminate bureaucracy, maintain direct, accessible lines of communication, and carefully guard our clients’ staff time.