We’re auditors and analysts.
We’re industry leaders.
We have extensive experience.

TFG Partners is an independent, healthcare claims audit and advisory firm that has been leading the industry in helping Fortune 500 and mid-sized companies improve plan performance for over 20 years.

Auditors and Analysts

Our client service approach delivers value in ways unique to the industry.

We focus exclusively on audits and help our clients translate audit results into specific improvements that achieve maximum plan performance.

Industry Leaders / Extensive Experience

We pioneered the 100 percent claims audit methodology and have continued to improve it for more than 20 years to give our clients the most accurate and actionable claims data in the industry.

Our leadership in using audit results to improve claims administration comes from working together as a team since 1991.

Our track record includes

Serving many clients continuously
for 5, 10, and more than 20 years
Being the health benefit auditor-of-choice for
a variety of large, established corporations
Substantial experience auditing
all major plan administrators

Our team is able to use our broad range of expertise and experience to create pragmatic solutions. We are individuals from many disciplines, most with over 20 years of experience in health care administration, medical management, medical claims processing, claims auditing, healthcare cost containment, consulting, and computer technology.