What ROI can mean when an audit
delivers full service to a client.

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Out-Patient Care Medical Services Provider
Leading national West coast out-patient care medical services provider with more than three thousand employees, enrolled in four separate plan designs.

The client had not undertaken an audit of the administrator in several years, and determined that a good due-diligence review of the administrator was warranted. Further, the client was looking for a variety of ways to reduce operational costs, and had retained a consultant to explore all areas of cost-reduction opportunities. The consultant recommended a comprehensive audit of health benefit expenses.
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Small Manufacturing Company
Small division of a national Fortune 500 manufacturing company, with a group of less than 200 retired employees, under a single health benefit plan.

Client was concerned about meeting the fiduciary compliance requirements of ERISA and Sarbanes-Oxley Acts for a number of self-insured, legacy health plans. The plans had not been audited for many years. The company set out to establish a systemic plan audit strategy.
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