Will your health benefit plan perform
better after an audit?

Let us help you make sure it does.
We’re TFG Partners.

We’re a full-service provider.

An audit is our starting point. Our full-service, cost savings approach adds analysis, advice, recovery, and advocacy to what is traditionally considered an audit. The result is a budget-neutral audit, efficiencies and cost reductions that extend years beyond the audit, and a substantially higher return on your audit investment.

Our combined audit services deliver the highest ROI in the industry.

Understanding Plan Benefits
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What happens when
your claims auditor
is also your advocate?


Your plan performs
the way it’s supposed to.
Welcome to TFG Partners.

Audit / Analysis
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By being advocates, we help ensure that clients make the best and highest use of audit results…

  • We work directly with administrators on behalf of our clients. We’ve worked with all of them.
  • We are independent and 100 percent committed to helping our clients achieve best practices.
  • We help our clients define and address problems, no matter where they exist in the system.
  • We share our extensive knowledge of the industry with our clients, drawing from more than 20 years of experience.