TFG: Technology leadership
for over 20 years.

We combine software and a manual review process to pinpoint claims errors, what causes them, and how
to prevent them, better than anyone else.

TFG developed the automated audit sampling technology that reviews 100 percent of all claims.

We have continued to improve it for over 20 years to achieve the most accurate error detection software in the industry.

Our combined technology identifies virtually all issues, increasing opportunities for improvement, compared to the random-sample techniques and the outputs of other 100%-sample practitioners

Uncovers up to 3 times
as many overpayment
Identifies as much as 14 times as many
actual overpayments – and thus,
recovery and cost avoidance
Provides opportunities to
recover funds from every
kind of payment error

TFG applies its claims review technologies through a series of increasingly selective screens.