Time Magazine Article: Bitter Pill, Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

Credit: Time Magazine

Cover of March 4, 2013 Time Magazine

Much has been said since the March 4, 2013 issue of Time Magazine hit news stands this week. Steve Brill’s cover story ‘Bitter Pill’ looks at the healthcare debate by trying to answer one question:  Why does healthcare cost so much? The media has grabbed the story and been outraged at the cost of care, the skyrocketing bills, and the way we as a nation have allowed the system to take over our economy.

Truth is,  we at TFG Partners think this is a fantastic article to start the discussion. We have been working to curb health plan spending for our clients for over 20 years. While this story is written with the prospective of a single patient experience, imagine how our healthcare system exasperates the problems when looking at a full self-funded health plan. On behalf of our clients we have been identified overpayments, plan benefit discrepancies, and process improvements for their plans for over 20 years.

We recommend you read the article (subscription required) and take a look at the coverage below.

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