Response: Call them what you want, but it is all just brand or generics.

by Dr. Franco Mueller
Partner/Medical Director, TFG Partners

We remain a bit skeptical of the studies mentioned in our previous post from KHN. Please look at the study dates, the data is from  between 2007 and 2013. Many Pharma companies have boosted the price in the last two years and we are just seeing costs continue to skyrocket. There are more problems facing employers then just orphan drugs in the industry pipeline. The issues go much deeper into the pharmaceutical industry and orphan drugs are just one part of the horizon.  more

Study Says Concerns About Orphan Drug Spending Are Unjustified

 | September 7

Rising concerns about spending on prescription drugs that treat rare diseases are not justified, according to a new analysis in the journal Health Affairs.

“We wanted to focus on the true impact of orphan drugs,” said Victoria Divino, a senior consultant at IMS Health and an author of the study. Researchers at IMS Health and drug maker Celgene analyzed U.S. pharmaceutical spending from 2007 to 2013 on more than 300 drugs that had orphan approval under the 1983 Orphan Drug Act. more

Comparing Costs Around the Globe

The International Federation of Health Plans has released its 2015 Comparative Price Report, detailing its annual survey of medical prices per unit for medication and procedures around the world. As you might expect, the United States’ pricing is highest in most cases.

Prices examined in the study included those from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States. More than 540 million medical/Rx claims were analyzed from the US alone.

Checkout the breakdown for yourself in Becker’s Hospital Review.

More Data Showing Wide Variations in Hospital Pricing

Early this morning, HHS released a data set encompassing the billing prices for popular procedures at over 3,000 of the nation’s hospitals. The data shows how different procedure costs can be from hospital to hospital. There are many news outlets running this, we have added a sampling below. We hope this furthers the discussion and enables the industry to have a greater dialogue about transparency in healthcare.

Forbes: To Bring Healthcare Prices Down, Consumers Must Demand Price Transparency

Healthcare price transparency is on the leading edge to finding the solution. This article by Giovanni Colella ties back in with last month’s Time Magazine article and continues to highlight

Credit: PinkBlue /

Credit: PinkBlue /

the nessesity of making pricing of procedures public and transparent.  At TFG Partners, we receive pushback on requests from administrators for necessary pricing information. Along with other industry leaders, TFG Partners will continue to work on the forefront to gain the upper hand for our clients.

To Bring Healthcare Prices Down, Consumers Must Demand Price Transparency