The Wall Street Journal — Insiders Guide to Pittsburgh, Pa. –

Pittsburgh is the home to a booming downtown culture that is continuing to undergo a transformation from its days as the worlds steel super-producer. TFG Partners is proud to be located int the heart of the “Golden Triangle” and be part of this renaissance. To show our ” Burg Pride” we extend to you this great article and guide from the Wall Street Journal:

Via The Wall Street Journal:

THIS IS ONE RUST BELT¬†town that’s gotten a polish. After decades of losing jobs and residents, Pittsburgh has become a standard-bearer for urban revitalization.

Joining its distinctive, bridge-studded skyline are ambitious buildings like the modernist Tower at PNC Plaza, expected to open in 2015 as the world’s greenest skyscraper, and the Gardens at Market Square, a $90 million high-rise. Downtown is undergoing a gold rush, with old factories and closed department stores being converted rapid-fire into apartments and spaces for new businesses.

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