A New Bariatric Approach – A Valve in Your Stomach

According to an article posted on CNBC.com today, AspireBariatrics has received FDA approval for it’s AspireAssit device. The AspireAssit device allows the patient to discard 30% of the calories they have consumed from a recent meal directly into  the toilet.  With this interesting approach to surgical weight loss, participants in the clinical trial lost an average of 12.1 percent of their body fat in a year.

We will be interested to see how insurers and employers approach paying for this device as some professionals consider the device an “enabling device” as opposed to something helpful or behavior modifying,

Read Robert Ferris’ article “The FDA-approved a weightloss device that sucks frood from your stomach” on CNBC.com

World Health Organization works to end Polio

A vaccine for Polio has been available since Dr. Jonas Salk and his team here at the University of Pittsburgh developed and tested it in 1955. In the ensuing 58 years, we have yet to destroy this debilitating disease globally. This past week, the World Health Organization announced a $5.5 Billion dollar plan to eradicate Polio forever. From where we sit in Pittsburgh where this battle started, we hope that this plan is a huge success.

The NPR – “Shots” Healthcare Blog has written a nice article on the topic:
A $5.5 Billion Road Map To Banish Polio Forever : Shots – Health News : NPR.